Saturday, March 25, 2017

Author Recommendation from Jennifer: Charlaine Harris

Charlaine Harris: More Than True Blood

For those of us that invested the time to
read the Sookie Stackhouse novels, actually called the Southern Vampire Series, we know that while True Blood was an awesome show, the books were not nearly as gruesome and gratuitously sexual as the show. That’s no criticism- Thank you HBO for sharing most all of Alexander Skarsgard, I can’t imagine any woman not enjoying that. 

I think the problem lies in that the show has overshadowed all the other fun, energetic books that are available from 
Charlaine. She has several other series: Aurora Teagarden, Harper Connelly, Lily Harper just to name a fews.

One of these ‘other’ series is called Midnight. It’s a trilogy about a small town in nowhere Texas. The cast of characters is diverse: a witch, a psychic, weretigers, a vampire, angels, and some plain ol’ humans who really aren’t that plain after closer examination. There are many side characters that lend a humor and realism to these stories. That includes an eccentric and fun group of old people. 
The story opens with someone new taking up residence. Manfred Bernardo who, of course is more than he seems, moves in and discovers there is something more to this sleepy, one (very important) stop light town.
It takes a bit of reading to get to know the characters. They are all important on their own, so it all needs to be read, but it does take a bit.  After that, you tend to kind of love them all and want to know what will happen.

The two books that follow: “Dayshift” and “Nightshift,” are better books. Perhaps because you already know the characters and there is no time wasted to get to the story directly. 
The story is told very plainly, without too much pomp and circumstance. While the story is told from almost everyone’s point of view, the main character, Fifi Cavanaugh, does most of the story telling.  She is funny and interesting. The way she addresses subjects is very entertaining.
These are happy-ever-after books, warm fuzzies all around.

One of the very best characteristics of Charlaine Harris’ books is she brings crossover characters from many of the other series. All her books are in the same universe and that is wonderful to a lot of readers. You catch a glimpse of what is happening with the lesser known characters, how great is that?!

As said before, these novels aren’t filled with exotica and violence. They are fun, easy reads. Those of us who already live stressful lives, these are excellent books to sink into and travel to Charlaine Harris’ universe, at least for a little while.  

Go for a visit; you won’t regret it.

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