Friday, February 17, 2017

Happy Release Day to To Close To Love by M.A. Innes


Some events just change how you look at a person.
One thing can make them go from someone who’s just always there to someone who matters…more than they should.
Kevin knows that no one would understand what he feels for Jeremy.
Even Jeremy would be shocked if he found out, but what do you do when you fall in love with the one person the one person you were never supposed to need.

Story Contains: 
M/M sexual content of a taboo nature that some readers may find objectionable. P
lease read the sample or check out the Author's Facebook page for a larger excerpt.

***Author’s Note*** 
When I finished writing Too Close To Love, the story seemed done in my head. It wasn’t until my beta reader and editor both started shaking their fingers at me and demanding to know what happened next that I realized there was more to their story. 
Too Close To Love ends in a HFN (almost HEA) with no cliffhanger, but if you like their story and want to read more about them then it will continue in Too Close To Hide which is already written and will be released in March 2017.

I enjoyed this book. Taboo subject matter does not bother me. This author handles it in a loving, emotional manner. There is no crudeness, but rather a slow build up. Even though it is taboo, it can't help, but happen. The character developement is excellent and the story kinda draws you in and before I knew it I was so immersed in the storyline and emotions that I read the book in one sitting. This was my first book by M.A. Innes, but I can't wait to read more!

M.A. Innes is the pseudonym for bestselling author Shaw Montgomery. While Shaw writes Femdom and M/M Erotic Romance, M.A. Innes is the side of Shaw that wants to write about topics that are more taboo.

Shaw loves reading, traveling, and family. While not necessarily in that order, they all rank pretty close. Shaw has lived all over the United States and even Germany. While the coast of North Carolina is a favorite place, Shaw currently lives in the Western United States. Current wish list of places to travel to are Australia, Ireland, and Scotland, although the list keeps growing almost daily.
Shaw reads an eclectic mix of genres; everything from Mystery and Sci-Fi Space Westerns, to traditional Romance and all kinds of Erotica. Currently the stories in Shaw’s head are Femdom and M/m taboo romance, but there are some 
Sci-Fi/Fantasy that can’t wait to come out as well.

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